Our Services

You want to change the world. Our websites can help.

We build beautiful, functional, multilingual websites that our clients can update themselves and that are easy for search engines to find.

  • Multilingual Web Design

    The Internet extends past borders, your organization can too. Don't limit your reach to one country or one one language, take your website global and reach out to the whole world. Café Noir can help make your website bilingual or multilingual.

  • Web Design

    You have a message and you need a website to get it to the world. Our beautiful, professionally-designed, custom websites can capture what makes you unique.

  • Mobile Design

    The future is mobile and your website should be too. We make sure that people will understand your message regardless of what device they use to visit your website.

  • eCommerce

    Maybe you are selling your own products or services. Or maybe you want to fundraise using the web. We'll take care of the technical details so that you can concentrate on the big picture.

  • Web Development

    Our websites aren't just beautiful they are also easy to use, to update and to maintain. We use flexible, established tools like WordPress and ExpressionEngine to make your life easier.

  • UX & Usability

    Years of experience, and a grounding in psychology and statistics, means that we know exactly how to build websites that work well and keep people coming back for your great content. We'll put our expertise to work for you.

  • SEO

    Café Noir designs search-engine friendly sites with the most current Search engine optimization (SEO) techniques. We'll make your website easy-to-find and give you the tools to measure the results.

Some of Our Tools

  • WordPress

    WordPress is the market leader in content management systems. Although originally designed as a blogging tool, it has evolved into a full content-management system with thousands of add-ons that bring new and constantly improving functionality. An open source project, WordPress is the product of a large community that offers consulting, training and events. It is also extremely easy to use. This is the ideal solution for a feature-rich blog, a small-to-medium business site, an informational or news site or a small ecommerce site.

  • ExpressionEngine

    ExpressionEngine® is a professional enterprise-level commercial content management system that is extremely flexible and powerful. It is a favourite among top professional web designers, precisely because it allows for almost any design choice. It also allows for almost any functionality and can handle high traffic websites. ExpressionEngine is extremely stable and secure. This is an ideal solution for Web sites that want a polished, professional look, careful control of SEO, or an extremely stable, secure system.

  • Shopify

    Shopify makes it easy to build and manage your online store, saving you time and money. Impress your customers with a beautiful online store and a secure shopping cart. Multiple languages, easy tax set-up, flexible shipping rates, built-in SEO and great security makes this our go-to e-commerce choice. Shopify takes away all of the hassels of running an online store and lets you focus on what's really important.